Supplemental Youth Employment and Training Program

Supplemental Youth Employment and Training Program

Working in the woods.

The Supplemental Youth Em- ployment and Training Program (SYSP) is a component of the WIOA service provided by NCIDC. This program is designed to pro- vide a meaningful work experi- ence for American Indian youth between the ages of 16 and 24. Job sites in local Native organi- zations and various other local businesses are developed to pre- pare participants for future work environments. A combination of educational and vocational skill development is used to benefit clients. There are three major strategies for linking work and learning:

  • Job links which combine learn- ing with work experience or oc- cupational training;

  • Functional Context Education, which integrates workplace ma- terials and problems into basic skills curriculum; and

  • WorksiteTraining,whichteaches basic skills through actual work performed on the job.

The specific strategy used is matched to the needs of the youth being served and the goals of the pro- gram. However, there are several key elements common to all three work and learning strategies:

  • Some exposure to real work is built into every basic skills pro- gram, whether in the form of job shadowing, summer jobs, part- time work, or on-the-job train- ing.
  • Quality worksites are key, in- cluding real work for real pay and close, caring supervision.
  • Collaboration between busi- ness and employment pro- fessionals is also essential—to develop curriculum, arrange credit and flexible work hours and to ensure communica- tion between instructors and supervisors.

NCIDC’s Supplemental Youth Employment and Training Program brochure