On the Job Training

On the Job Training

training on the job

On-the-Job Training (OJT) is a skill development program that fo- cuses on increasing and improv- ing the job skills of unemployed, underemployed, and economi- cally disadvantaged American Indian people within Humboldt, Del Norte, Siskiyou and Trinity counties.

The OJT participant is hired at the beginning of training by the employer, normally in an entry-level employment position. The em- ployer agrees to provide the OJT participant with the necessary information and skills training required for a person to become competent in the performance of a specific job or a group of jobs.

The employer receives compensa- tion for the additional time, effort, and associated cost of training new employees. This helps the employ- er to defray the cost of training the OJT participant with knowledge and skills essential to achieve the full and adequate performance of the job. By participating in the OJT program an employer can:

  • Save Training Costs—with an OJT contract, the cost of training new employees are reimbursed by NCIDC.

  • Save Time—by pre-screening prospective employees, for the aptitude, qualifications, mini- mum experience, and work ap- titude desired by the employer, NCIDC reduces the time required to screen applicants. Also, train- ing can be tailored to the specific needs of the employer.

Participants in the OJT program will benefit by:

  • Gaining job skills, knowledge and productivity in high demand occupations
  • Obtaining training for new job skills or to re-enter the work market.
  • Income while they are learning in jobs that is matched to their aptitude, abilities, and desired occupational goals.

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